Nick Lester has been President of the European Parking Association since 2009 and has been on its board since 2001. His main job is Corporate Director, Services for London Councils where he is responsible for delivery of transport and other services to London with a budget of more than £350m annually. These services include general regulation of decriminalised parking enforcement in London and specific responsibility for the traffic courts in London. He has held this post since 2008. Prior to that he was Director of Transport and Environment for the Association of London Government (2000-2008), Chief Executive of the Transport Committee for London (1998-2000) and London Parking Director (1992-1998), where he was responsible for introducing decriminalised parking enforcement to the UK. Before that he had worked for the Association of London Authorities, the Greater London Council and Transport 2000. Nick is recognised as an expert in urban transport and has been a member of the Mayor of London’s Roads Task Force since 2012. He has also served on the steering group for the UK Department of Transport’s review of traffic signs. He is also Vice-chair of the European Commission’s Roads and Traffic Research Advisory Committee (ERTRAC). He has been a member of the British Parking Association’s council since 1995 and was its President in 2001. He was also chair of the London Transport Passengers’ Committee in 1984-86 and President of the UK National Consumer Congress in 1986.