Niclas is spearheading an initiative to use Open Innovation at the core of drug research with focus on science and external collaborations at LEO Pharma, a pharmaceutical company in Denmark focusing on dermatology and inflammatory skin disease. Prior to setting up the LEO Pharma Open Innovation platform, Niclas was heading the molecular pharmacology department. With a natural curiously and passion for pushing boundaries, a strong foothold in inter-disciplinary science is now explored as a foundation for open access to R&D tools in order to promote mutually beneficial collaborations. Niclas holds two degrees from Lund University in Sweden, PhD in Medical Sciences and MSc in Molecular Genetics, with a focus on and drug discovery. Current role as heading the R&D Open Innovation initiative focuses on strategic development and implementation of open innovation platform to catalyze external collaborations and boost the drug research pipeline, expand disease understanding and boost corporate innovation with opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t happen. For the pioneering work of changing the nature of pharmaceutical collaborations, Niclas was independently awarded a spot on the Top 100 Pharma Power list by the Medicine Maker in 2016.