Nigel is an Expert in Competence Assurance with over 40 years of experience within the Oil and Gas industry in Middle East, China, North and West Africa. His career started in the UK chemical industries as an Instrumentation Engineer and progressed to work with many of the large global operators to establish standard training programmes and competency management systems.Nigel is a certified technical assessor and verifier and an expert in developing people, training and development systems. Nigel worked for Saudi Aramco for 15 years working in a range of functions including Standardization Engineer and Analyst, Technical Instructor and Training Quality Assurance Coordinator. Nigel has also fulfilled many other roles including Technical Manager, Author, Competency and development Manager, Instrumentation Trainer, Competency Assurance Specialist and Technical Training Manager across the following countries Gabon, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Scotland, China and Saudi Arabia.