Hello, my name is Paul Hoogerhuis. I am working at Aegon since 2005. I have a background in pensions. I started at Aegon as an accountmanager in pensions for corporate & institutional clients. After that, I was responsible for the management of the contracts of our corporate pension clients for more than 4 years. In 2012 I moved to our marketing division and I’m responsible now for all our wholesale propositions. I have two cross-functional teams (marketing, online, analytics & pricing). One team is focused on the B-to-B market. The other team is focused on the B-to-B-to-C market. We introduced the last team because we see the Dutch pension market moving towards more individual solutions. Occupational pensions provided by the employer are no longer sufficient for a lot of employees. As needs become more individual, it becomes increasingly important for employees to be informed about their financial situation and to engage with their financial planning. Therefore, we offer a state of the art digital financial planning tool in order to help individuals examining their financial situation – including their retirement savings situation – and offer them the possibility to take action immediately (e.g. to start building up additional savings in case of a pension gap). Because of the importance of intermediaries as our distribution channel, we have to consider their business model carefully. That is our challenge! I would like to tell you more about how we will do that.