Peter has longstanding experience (23 years) in Quality Management in the pharmaceutical industry, starting at Quality Control and  Quality Assurance in a GMP and GLP environment. In 2002 he was promoted to Project Manager, Quality Development, leading an inter-facility team to develop and implement quality strategies supporting product development and licensing procedures.  From  2004 to 2008 he acted as Quality Representative of a research and manufacturing facility with appr. 500 employees. In 2008 he became Quality Product Owner for licensed and developmental products. In this position he was responsible for establishing clinical development programs, development of licensing strategies and maintenance of life cycle management. In 2014 he joined Octapharma and  specialized in Quality Assurance in Clinical Research and Development. In his current position he is responsible for document management within Clinical R&D, qualification and training of the Clinical R&D team and performs internal and external audits. On top of the audit activities, Peter hosts regulatory inspections and ensures that preparatory and follow-up activities are executed properly.