Peter Wittner, B.Sc., is an independent consultant specialising in the commercial aspects of generics with more than 40 years’ pharmaceutical experience. The major part of this has been spent the generic industry. He was Managing Director for the UK subsidiary of the Indian generic leader Ranbaxy, having joined them to set up the business before returning to consultancy work. Before that, he had headed the European Sales & Marketing department of the UK generics companies Evans Medical and H.N. Norton, which later became part of IVAX and then Teva. In the field of generics, Interpharm works with new market entrants on developing commercial strategies, compiling competitor intelligence and gaining EU- GMP approval and assists in business development for companies that are trying to enter the market. Recently, he has become increasingly involved in the field of biosimilars. On the other side of the equation, Interpharm has also worked with originator companies that are looking at ways of defending their major brands from generic incursion or themselves considering entry in to the field of generics. Peter is a regular speaker at generic conferences, and runs workshops on generics and Biosimilars topics for a number of organisations as well as conducting training seminars.