Philip Baum started working within the aviation industry in the 1980s, when he joined Trans World Airlines’ security subsidiary at London Heathrow. From Duty Manager at Heathrow he moved to TWA’s International HQ where he ultimately became Manager Security Training and Auditing, until leaving in 1996 to establish Green Light. Green Light runs ‘Hijack Management’ and ‘Profiling’ seminars and courses, and delivers Train-the–Trainer courses on Disruptive Passenger Management & Restraint and In-flight Security for individual airlines, often including full-scale Hijack Exercises. Philip delivers training for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has worked with IATA on the way behavioural analysis might be incorporated into (what was originally called) the Checkpoint of the Future, the pre-cursor to Smart Security. In January 2010, Philip was used as an expert witness in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons’ Home Affairs Committee inquiry into aviation security in the aftermath of the attempted downing of an aircraft by a suicide bomber on Christmas Day 2009. Philip’s first book, ‘Violence in the Skies: a history of aircraft hijacking and bombing’, published by Summersdale, was released on Green Light’s 20th anniversary – 29th February 2016. He has also co-authored and edited two other books on aviation security. Philip is Editor of “Aviation Security International”, in which capacity he has interviewed persona from government ministers to hijackers (including Leila Khaled)! He also regularly commentates for CNN, Sky and BBC. Overall, either in consultancy or in editorial roles, Philip advocates a common sense-based approach to risk management and rejects tick-box security methodology.