During the final phase of his master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, Pieter Kool approached G-Star to develop the “G-Star Store of the Future”. The project made a significant impression on the company, leading Kool to join G-Star on graduation from the Delft University of Technology in 2004. Initially designing trade fair stands; Kool’s responsibilities quickly grew. From 2012 to 2017 he lead the 3D Design and Development Department. In this role, Kool was responsible for all global 3D output of the brand, outside of apparel – from retail concepts and company interiors, to RAW Crossover projects. Kool’s involvement in RAW Crossover projects includes that of the RAW Prouvé collection, a range of furniture created in collaboration with the Prouvé family and manufactured by Vitra. He also was heavily involved in the recent development of the G-Star HQ in Amsterdam, designed the OMA Architecture firm. From 2012 to 2014 Kool set up the G-Star online design team, with the focus on translating the G-Star 3D design philosophy into the virtual world and omnichannel strategy. The current G-Star.com is the result of this work. In March 2013, Kool was awarded ‘Engineer of the Year’ in by the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers. The jury commented, “…His technical solutions show the creative force of the engineering profession, bringing people into contact with it on a daily basis.” Since September 2017 Kool runs his own studio, working at the crossroads of retail, brand development and architecture. “…In a world of blending channels and accelerated change, interior design as a fixed and final solution, is not enough anymore. My focus is on designing adaptive systems and tools for interiors of any kind, that allow for change and evolution.” Kool frequently delivers key notes on topics including brand development, retail design and workspace design