Reem joined Saudi Xerox as HR Admin & Training Manager in 2008; promoted to HR Director in 2009, in addition to Chairwomen for Olayan Woman Network (OWN) from 2011 till 2014. As a challenging role she further assumed the role of Marketing Director in 2014 and proved outstanding performance resulting in her promotion to her current role. She had the responsibility of strategically setting the Marketing plan & its execution, to support Xerox goals; through ensuring marketing its’ brand and products continues to be sustainable and profitable in the Saudi Market. Reem is a Lean Six Sigma Green belt certified; took all the courses for CIPD; a member of a number of charity communities; proactive in engaging the company through community service activities (CSR); guest speaker in a number of HR forums in the Middle East; actively involved in contributing to all various women related topics and profile raising in Saudi Arabia; In addition, she was appointed by Ms. Lubna Olayan/ CEO of Olayan Group , as a Chairwomen for “Olayan Woman Network” from 2011 till 2014 voicing all women concerns and empowering them throughout their careers with Olayan. Prior to joining Olayan, she held the following positions: 1- 2001- 2002, started career as a lecturer at King Saud University. 2- 2002- 2008, joined The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) holding different positions, such as: Head of Financial operations, Operations Manager, and Head of Quality Assurance for UNDP Saudi Country office. Reem graduated from King Saud University with a BA of Computer Science; and further continued her MBA, majoring in International Management from Royal Holloway University of London, England.