Robert Tieman graduated from the Naval Academy in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Navigation Engineering. After completing graduate school with a Master of Science in Port Management, mr. Tieman worked for Peterson International as a dangerous goods advisor (DGSA) and from 2003 till 2006 for 3E Company in the United States where he worked within the 24 hrs North American Emergency Response Center as a transportation specialist. Working for the Central Bureau for Inland Barging (CBRB) since 2006 and from september 2011 as managing director of the company with approximately 400 members and 17 employees. He is on behalf of the European Barge Union (EBU) a member of the United Nations Economic Council for Europe (UNECE) Working Party 15.AC.2 which is responsible for the regulatory ADN framework which embodies all regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods by inland waterways. This Council is also responsible for the implementation of LNG as propulsion and for the qualification of inland vessels. The CBRB has asked for a grant for the first LNG project to stimulate LNG as propulsion. Mr. Tieman is a boardmember of the Stichting Afvalstoffen Vaardocumenten Binnenvaart (SAB) which is working on waste treaty for Inland Waterway Transport (IWT). Mr. Tieman has conducted numerous dangerous goods transportation workshops and seminars and has authored several manuals and provided training to more than 2000 people on dangerous goods transportation and emergency response procedures in the last 10 years. Mr. Tieman’s hazardous materials transportation articles have appeared in Hazardous Cargo Bulletin. Mr. Tieman has provided consultation to large and small businesses, carriers, shippers, freight forwarders and non-vessel operating common carriers, agents, brokers, institutions and associations, chemical manufacturers and distributors.