Ron Pratt has 25 years of experience in project management in the refining and petrochemical industries. He has worked as a project manager for Marathon Petroleum, BP and Chevron. He is currently working as the Director of Corporate Engineering for Occidental Chemical Corporation. He is a proponent of a simplistic project management approach that is repeatable and sustainable. As a PMP since 2004, he has learned that the stage gate approach is the guideline that should be followed but it should be modified to fit the unique situations in which each company operates. Core deliverables at each stage gate should be emphasized and other activities should only be pursued if they offer measurable value to the project. Ron manages by the rule of thumb, “create a good plan and follow your plan.” Ron is also an advocate of maintaining a core group of company personnel and subsidizing them with contractors as the project workload requires. This becomes successful when a team building approach is used to integrate the company and contractor personnel. He encourages project teams to plan out their work load in advance in order to level their project load throughout each year and therefore manage their staffing levels appropriately.