Saeed Abdulla currently heads the Security Incident response Team at du (eITC). du (eITC) is an integrated telecommunications service provider in the UAe off ering fixed as well as mobile voice and data services to residential and corporate clients, in addition to IPTV packages. Holding a degree in Information Technology & Computer networks. Saeed started his career while working with roads and Transport Authority in 2008 where he was part of project which actually gave Dubai its first and world’s longest driver less transport – Dubai Metro. Having an active appetite for cyber security and having done more than 24 security certifications, Saeed opted to join eITC du in 2012 where he managed Security Monitoring Centre operations, helping with various specialized integrations, creating standard SoP’s, visualizing threats through Analytics and actively Hunting for security incidents. It was in his era that eITC du SoC was recognized as Best SIeM Implementation at GISeC security awards. Later Saeed headed Security Incident response Team of eITC du (duSIRT) and contributed heavily in forming various labs such as forensic Lab, Malware Lab, open Source Intelligence lab, recovery lab as per the industry best practices and standards. Knowing the fact that Security Incident response Team constantly requires to interact with different Security groups throughout the world to remain abreast with latest happenings, Saeed helped duSIRT to become the member of firST (forum of Incident response and Security Teams) group.