Salem Al Braik is Director of Environment Quality Policy and Regulations Division within Environment Quality Division of the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi, which is in charge of developing policies, regulations, SOP’s & TGD’s in different functions such as HAZMAT, waste, marine, air, and groundwater. In order to enhance the effectiveness of environmental regulatory and policy framework on both emirate and federal level. In addition, Mr. Al Braik is the lead of the Waste priority at the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi. He is tasked with leading EAD’s efforts to improve waste management in the Emirate in order to achieve national indicators of reducing the production of municipal solid waste. He is involved in developing different regulatory tools related to life cycle of Hazardous material (import, export. Transportation, tracking, storage, training and dealing with hazardous waste). Salem has held different positions throughout his career such as Head of Environmental Auditing section, deputy manager inspection and manager inspection and auditing before his last post as Director of Environment Quality Policy & Regulations Division. Salem also has an experience background in the Oil & Gas construction field (offshore & onshore) before joining EAD, where he was involved in all aspects related to the construction in this field. Such as assembling and installation of platforms, jackets, pipeline and other functions within the same field, Load out, Load In, Hydro test, Hydra tight, weighing, pigging, commissioning and other functions as well. He has a higher Diploma in Civil Engineering and BSc in Construction Engineering from Higher Colleges of Technology Abu-Dhabi.