Multi-industry experience in Sales and Marketing. A hardcore professional who looks at return on investment as the only result from any activity – be it Marketing, Sales or Communication – he has diverse experience of over 16 years across various industries such as health care, automobile & journalism Sandeep started his career as a Journalist with Indian Express, Mumbai handling Subjects like politics, infrastructure, legal & health. Being an expert in communications he moved on to Toyota India handling Media relations, internal communications, and strategic marketing communications. Finding his interest in health care business, he has worked with the major healthcare giants in India, like Manipal, Apollo, Narayana Health, contributing to their growth. At present Sandeep is leading the marketing and sales function for Sakra World Hospital, a 100% Japanese funded hospital in India, a joint venture between Secom Hospitals, Japan and Toyota Tsusho, Japan. Delivering high quality patient care is the number one priority for healthcare providers, but improving access to patient and organizational information to increase patient satisfaction, while reducing costs and streamlining process is the key service differentiator, and that is where Marketing and IT play a synergic role in creating an excellent patient relationship management. In his current role, along with being responsible for the topline, he has also initiated processes to improve upon the customer experience and relationship management for the brand.