Mr. Sergio Edgardo is Telecommunications Engineer from the National University of La Plata ( Argentina UNLP- ) and PDD ( Management Development Program ) IAE Universidad Austral, Post degree in robotics and micro process & Calculation National University of Buenos Aires ( UBA- Argentina), National University of Buenos Aires (UBA-Argentina), Diploma in Industrial Automation – Southern National University (SNU).Professional with over 28 years of experience in various industries related to information technology, Communications, Industrial Automation and Robotics, I have developed my career in industries such as nuclear energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Electric Power, in areas of Engineering, quality and implementation of services and different production processes in order to optimize and make it more efficient. Professional with deep focus on creating and generating new ideas, leadership and plenty of motivation and encouragement of large teams to achieve the vision and strategic plan default. CIO (Chief Information Officer )in ENAP (Oil & Gas) since 2012 up to Decembre 2015. “CIO of the Year 2014” prize awarded CETIUC (Centre of Information Technologies of the Catholic University) CTO (Chief Technologies Officer) in Enap (Oil&Gas) since Janury 2015 up to the present, in charge of Innovation Area.