Sonia’s passion for natural and organic beauty began with the birth of her son who suffered from acute eczema. Unable to find a source of effective natural products, and driven by strongly-held principles and an entrepreneurial spirit, Sonia set out to establish her own. She launched her retail business Amarya in 2008 and acquired LoveLula five years later, uniting natural and organic brands from around the globe and making them accessible to all. With the launch of the LoveLula Boutique in 2014 Sonia was able to nurture new and artisan brands and increase customer choice to over 200 brands. Last year she conceived and launched both ManOrganic – the UK’s first all-natural male grooming store, and the Real Beauty Manifesto which aims to unite brands in a shared vision of honesty, compassion and integrity. With the recent addition of organic British brand Balm Balm, Sonia continues her mission to expand and innovate, and remains an inspirational figure in the world of natural beauty and was proudly voted Number 1 in the Who’s Who Natural Yearbook 2016.