Spanning more than 20 years, Mr. Ahmed possesses an extensive career in the banking and finance industry. Majoring in Finance from the University of Dhaka, he started his career at Southeast Bank where he was responsible for the credit-related activities of the bank. Starting his career as a management trainee, Mr. Ahmed worked in various roles with several reputed commercial banks in Bangladesh for significant periods of his career prior to joining the GDIC Group in 2009 and subsequently taking over the role as an Additional Managing Director and Company Secretary. Mr. Ahmed’s core competence have been the highlight of his career at Green Delta Insurance, including board affairs, business development, business process optimization, structuring of credit facilities, studying the capital markets, managing strategic alliances, HR supervision and project management that have collectively ensured strong and consistent growth for the Company over the years. Moreover, his knowledge and experience in conceiving, developing, strategist and implementing the SME finance model at BRAC Bank has ensured proper insurance coverage for such enterprises, which continue to contribute to the economic development of the country. Overall, his experience and vision have been a source of inspiration for the team. During his long career, Mr. Ahmed has participated in a number of workshops that have enabled him to gain a more holistic and globalized viewpoint and inspired him to attain greater heights.