The Master Degree in Material Science started a professional career in various industries, including Automotive (Mercedes Benz, GKN), Nuclear Power (Siemens), Aircraft (Airbus Industries), Insurance (Zurich Financial Services), to Risk Management Consultancy (Global Risk Experts). Responsibilities in research & development, material testing, quality assurance, supply chain management, risk assessment, risk management, and last not least setting up and management of groups of specialists in cultural diverse environments never allowed slowing down or resting on laurels or achievements. Permanent learning, continuously adding experience and sharing both with staff and customers was always one of the main motivations in all the years. Living for more than 25 years in several countries in Asia, the partnership in Global Risk Experts AG, a Swiss-based risk management consultancy, helps to make good use of the life-long experience with current focal points in Electrical Safety for local and international companies throughout Asia Pacific.