Thomas Stuenkel is an experienced commissioning engineer who has been working as commissioning coordinator and site manager as well as commissioning manager for various high-level enterprises all over the world. Thomas’ skills combine the “typical” German meticulousness with a strong personal motivation. He started his professional way by becoming an electronics technologist in Rossleben, Germany (1985) and continued his personal qualification by becoming a chartered engineer in industrial electronics (Ingenieurschule Eisleben, Germany, 1989). After graduation, Thomas worked for several German enterprises as commission engineer and sales engineer and specialized in water treatment plants; he was responsible for a broad range of activities, from selling chemicals to commissioning full plants all over Europe while at the same time contributing to staff training. In 2003, Thomas started to work as a freelancing commissioning engineer, beginning in the water treatment sector, but soon expanding his area of expertise towards gas, chemical, petrochemical and power plant engineering. Now he’s working as a highly appreciated freelancing commissioning specialist. He has always seen his work as a personal challenge, and the successful completion of an assignment as his personal goal. After coaching a 5-days commissioning training with the Iranian NIOC in 2010, he has started sharing his expertise in plant commissioning and start-up as a freelancing commissioning coach. Thomas has also contributed to the 2011 Marcus Evans Plant Commissioning & Start-Up Conference in Thailand after coaching the 2011 seminar “Commission Petro Chemical Plants with Excellence – Delivering on Promise” with I an’s NIOC. In 2012, Thomas successfully coached two major commissioning events: the five days PEDEC seminar “Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up Training” in Iran as well as the four days seminar “Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up ‘Express’ Training for Commissioning Managers” in Narva (Estonia). In May 2011 Thomas established the company STUENKEL s.r.o. in Bratislava, Slovakia, followed by Commissioning Coaching Consulting Inc, which he founded in Panama City, Panama, in 2014. Both companies provide commissioning & consulting services and commissioning trainings & coaching worldwide.Thomas has acquired a profound knowledge and experience in project management as commissioning engineer, manager, coordinator, and site manager. Having worked in different fields, he has a lot of interdisciplinary technical knowledge, especially of different control systems, machines and equipment in the gas, power, petrochemical and solar industry. He is very experienced in international projects, ranging from short-term assignments in various countries up to 2 ½ years in Saudi Arabia.