Mr. Shestakov graduated from the Academy of International Business with a degree in “Director of Holding Companies” in 1997. In 2004, he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and in 2008, he was educated at the Academy of Labour and Social Affairs in “Human Resources”. Mr. Shestakov holds a Candidate of Economic Sciences degree. Since 1997, he has been working in the field of health and pharmaceuticals, including comprehensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in senior positions in companies engaged in: distribution, manufacturing, substances supply, R&D and consulting. Among the companies are: “Irbitsky HVZ”, LLC “Feith Line”, “Hemofarm”, JSC “Makiz Pharma”, JSC “Skopinpharm”, JSC “EPIDBIOMED”, LLC “Nanolek”, JSC “ABBA RUS” and JSC “Altayvitaminy”. Along with work duties, Mr. Shestakov has been actively involved in infrastructure development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, holding positions such as: director for relations with civil society organizations and Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations. As well as Co-Chairman of the Interdepartmental Commission on the development strategy of the medical industry under the Government of the Russian Federation. Prior to his appointment to the post of Director of the State Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Satisfactory Practices, he was chairman of the branch offices of Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the Russian public organization “Delovaya Rossiya”. Mr. Shestakov takes an active social position, participating in social and charity activities.