Mrs. Yousra AbdelHadi graduated from the Kishwaukee College of Health in the United States of America in 1980. She has at least eight years’ experience in Psychological Health. She founded the National Society for therapeutic Safety in Jordan in 2008, which aims to Study the cases of medical errors that reach the association and determine the validity and causes, in addition to building positive relationships between the patient and the doctor through the promotion and development of aspects of confidence and reassurance between them. Raising awareness among citizens and hospital owners of the principle of acceptance, introduction and treatment of emergency situations that may endanger or endanger the patient’s life. To identify the cases that reach the association because of what may be exposed to the patient during the treatment of negligence or lack of care or failure to observe laws and regulations within hospitals or treatment centers. Work to support people with unresolved diseases by providing psychosocial, social and economic support. Mrs. Yousra Abelhadi also works on the political side, where she served as Peace Ambassador to the United Nations World Peace Organization in 2009. She is currently the Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the Unified Jordanian Front Party since 2007, which is concerned with women’s issues of society and enhancing the role of women in politics. Mrs. Yousra AbdelHadi holds a number of positions including: – Founding member of the Unified Jordanian Front Party – Member of the Health Committee of the Arab Center for Human Rights and International Peace since 2011 – Member of the Board of Trustees of the Basr Institute for Planning and Strategic Studies since 2014 – Member of the National Alliance National Center for Human Rights since 2010