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  • Jean Lang
  • Associate Vice President R&D
  • Sanofi Pasteur, France

Jean Lang, MD, Ph.D., Associate Vice-President, Global R&D. R&D Projects Global Health, Partnerships & Funding MD 1983 and PhD (1987), Sanofi Pasteur (SP) R&D (25 Years Experience in Vaccine Development).

1991-2001 Rabies, YFV and JEV R&D life cycle management, SARS 2004 and West Nile R&D efforts up to Phase II.

1995-2014 : Dengue Vaccine Research to Licensure. Jean Lang worked on a live attenuated vaccine from the Mahidol University in Thailand from 1995, and then started work in 2001 on the second generation YFV/Chimera Dengue tetravalent vaccine using recombinant technology (Dengvaxia). He has worked in 15 countries/33 sites in Latin America and Asia. Licenses had been obtained in 19 countries by Q4 2017.

Authored or co-authored ~160 scientific peer-reviewed papers & abstracts the recent ones being focused on dengue vaccine development.

Since 2014 Jean has been in charge of dealing with R&D Public-Private Global Health-Driven Projects (i.e., HIV Malaria, ETEC, Zika, Rabies and Yellow Fever) Partnerships & Portfolio External Funding. He has co-led the BMGF/Sanofi Pasteur VxDP R&D Alliance since 2014 and set-up the Global Health Vaccine Center of Innovation in IDRI/Seattle, 2014-6

WHO IVR contributor (eg Mosquito Borne Vaccines) and SP Public Affairs R&D Liaison.

His recent scientific interests are in the area of Global Health Initiatives & Vaccine Projects Development eg CEPI: Coalition for Epidemic Product Innovations where he seats as (MNC) member of the Scientific Advisory Committee since 2016. Besides the BMGF, he also interacts frequently with PATH and Welcome Trust in his industry PPP GPH missions.

He has been the Industry Strategic Governing Group ID co-chair of the largest European PPP, called IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) since 2016, where he also co-leads the Biopreparedness Initiative. He was associated with a Public-Private Consortium for EDCTP on Malaria Vaccine,

Active Member (1999) and Fellow (2015) and was Scientific Program Reviewer (2017) of the US ASTMH (Am Trop Med & Hygiene Society). Since 2016 he has been an Industry Expert UK Vaccines Network and since 2017 Accredited Expert on EC Research & Innovation