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  • Matthew Jones
  • formerly Head Global Auditing Strategy and Planning at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • United Kingdom

Matt Jones is the chair of the DIGIT Committee in RQA, a Certified ISO31000 Risk Management Professional who is connected with many industry initiatives.

Matt is currently starting his own business with a focus on digital quality and enterprise risk management. Previously Matt was the Head of Global Auditing Strategy & Planning at Boehringer Ingelheim, where his primary role is forecasting audit strategy and implementing risk based auditing and innovative audit programme design.

Over his tenure, Matt has worked cross functionally within the digital innovation universe in many guises implementing innovative solutions in operational, functional and audit modernisation capacities.
Previously, Matt was a Director in Janssen Pharmaceuticals Strategic Development Organisation, Therapeutic Head for Quality of Janssen’s Infectious Diseases and Vaccines Portfolio, and the Head of IT Quality for Europe and Asia Pacific.

Matt’s areas of interest focus around bringing products to market, helping our patients worldwide live better lives, utilizing strategic approaches of technology and innovation.