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  • Robrecht Tistaert
  • Senior Director, Quality Strategy Global Quality and Compliance
  • PPD, Belgium

Robrecht Tistaert serves as senior director of Quality Strategy. As global head of this GQ&C unit, his responsibilities include quality event management, oversight of the Quality Investigation & Support activities (including project support, scientific misconduct investigations and regulatory inspection support) and Quality Governance for our Strategic Partners/Alliance clients and Biotech clients. He is also responsible for the Pharmacovigilance & Medical Communications QA team.

He directs cross-functional communication and collaboration, promoting learning and continuous improvement efforts.

Robrecht is member of the EMEA cross-functional Senior Management Team.

As member of RQA, DIA and EFGCP, Robrecht has been a speaker in international clinical research and quality assurance conferences and has been actively involved in the program development of symposia and inspection preparation training for investigators.
Robrecht joined PPD in 2006, possessing a wealth of experience in quality assurance management. He most recently served as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, sharing his expertise in performance improvement, GxP and compliance. He has also led quality assurance and compliance teams at a clinical trial logistics company and at another global CRO. Robrecht initially entered the pharmaceutical industry as an international clinical project coordinator for Pfizer.
Initially a biotechnology researcher, Robrecht obtained his master’s degree in biology at the University of Leuven (Belgium).