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  • Stefan Gijssels
  • Executive Director
  • Digestive Cancers Europe/EuropaColon, Belgium

Stefan Gijssels is Executive Director of EuropaColon, founder and Member of the Board of Digestive Cancers Europe, the new umbrella organisation of all digestive cancer patients in Europe (oesophageal, gastric, pancreatic, colon and rectum). The organisation represents 40 national associations in 30 countries. Stefan is a colon cancer survivor. He is convinced that hundreds of thousands of lives in Europe can be saved every year by applying screening and best practices for treatment.

Since 2016, he also works as an independent health policy advisor, working for public health authorities, patient organisations and industry.

Until 2016, he was Vice President Communication & Public Affairs and Janssen Europe, Middle East & Africa, member of the company’s Leadership Team. Amongst others, he also was the Vice-Chairman of the Belgian Health Policy Council, Chairman of the Communications Committee of the Federation of Belgian Industries, and Chairman of the Trust & Reputation Policy Committee of the European Pharmaceutical Industry Association (EFPIA).

In the 90s he was consultant in international public affairs agencies. He started his career as an English teacher in Morocco.

He has a a master’s degree in Linguistic and Literature from Leuven University, Belgium.