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  • Thomas Kessler
  • CEO and founder
  • Locatee, Switzerland

Before founding Locatee, Thomas Kessler worked for a large Swiss bank. At the same time, Benedikt Köppel, Co-founder and CTO of Locatee, experienced modern workspace concepts first hand in the same industry and became a mobile worker to the core. Although both were working in large companies that provided modern work environments with a flexible working policy, the way how space has been utilised was not satisfying and did not help to improve work experience.

Due to this shared experience the former schoolmates decided to do something about this and help companies to create workspaces where people want, not need to work. The idea of the big data analytics platform “Locatee Analytics” was born: The software enables organisations to optimise its space utilisation and create more engaging and collaborative work environments while significantly reducing cost for space, energy and other resources.