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Total Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero

  • 30/09/2019 - 01/10/2019
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Prof. Andrew Sharman
  • Chief Executive, President Elect, Chairman
  • RMS Switzerland, IOSH, Institute of leadership & Management, Switzerland
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Course overview

An innovative, practical, interactive approach highlighting the essential leadership, culture and behavioural aspects of workplace safety to systematically move organisations From Accidents to Zero.

Leadership is essential to the success of all organisations. But in today’s fast-paced world of work leadership is more action-focused than position-driven. This is especially true when it comes to matters of workplace safety.

Safety leadership isn’t about the application of policies and procedures; it’s about winning hearts and minds. So this interactive workshop will equip you with the knowledge and understanding to develop commitment, drive positive change and build a robust culture of safety in your organisation.

Drawing on robust research, proven methods, and concepts from a diverse range of sources including Science, the Arts, Buddhism and Greek mythology we will explore the critical components of effective safety leadership. This 2-day masterclass will help you to build a practical toolkit of simple, high-impact tools and techniques designed to develop your leadership capability and confidence, and return rapid results in your workplace now.

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Delegates will receive a 1-year membership at the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management

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Reasons for attending


  • advanced leadership skills to drive a positive, sustainable impact in your workplace


  • in meaningful discussion and debate on the most important aspects of safety culture, behaviour and leadership and network with safety leaders and other peers from across industry


  • the psychology behind human behaviour and learn how to apply pragmatic solutions to improve workplace H&S
  • how a mindful approach to safety can foster a positive
    climate for performance improvement


  • which leadership styles most effectively influence the way we think, work, lead and live
  • the ‘New ABC’ model of safety culture psychology – a powerful tool to lead with safety
  • from a globally-recognized expert in safety culture and leadership
  • how to conduct high impact safety interventions using practical tools and straightforward jargon-free techniques
  • the ‘6 New Rules of Employee Engagement’ and gain tips and ideas for building engaging dialogue and conversations around safety in your workplace

Andrew's Sharman book


In addition to a personal certificate from IOSH, each delegate will receive a copy of the best-selling book on improving workplace safety culture entitled ‘From Accidents to Zero' by Professor Andrew Sharman, packed with over 80 ideas to influence behaviours and boost safety culture.


Safety Excellence and the Journey to Zero Accidents

Going beyond Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)

The X Factor – The Secret Leadership Traits That Make The Difference

Effective Motivation and Engagement – Moving From Theory to Practice

Felt Leadership / Values-Based Leadership

The Role of Human Factors

A dvanced Influencing Skills


Based on your requirements, we will build a practical training including content tailored to your specific needs, our cutting edge methodologies and relevant modules from our training portfolio.

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