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Matteo Loizzo

Well Integrity Consultant


Matteo is engineer with a passion for well integrity and 25 years international experience in field operations, technology development and management in the oil & gas and carbon storage sectors.

Since 2018 he is membership chair of the Well Integrity Technical Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Matteo is also author or co-author of 29 technical papers, a book chapter on CO2 geological storage and 7 patent applications. He delivers training on well integrity, asset integrity, risk management and QHSE across the Eastern Hemisphere, and carries out active research on harnessing geological barriers, modeling leaks through cement, and quantifying methane emissions from oil & gas wells.

Brief portfolio of Matteo's consultancy projects

  • As part of Advanced Integrity management (AIm), assists clients in understanding the integrity of individual wells, and finding the best way of managing leaks. These analyses have been generating substantial savings, e.g.:
  • Regulators were convinced to adopt risk-based integrity logging rules, instead of a fixed, expensive calendar.
  • Controlled venting was chosen over very costly repair operations.
  • A logging campaign that had taken up to a week was replaced by a single-day, safer program, at the same time improving the quality of actionable data acquired.
  • AIm has been applied at the basin level to 500+ oil and gas wells in France, as well as to assessing the suitability of fields for CO2 storage, as part of the due-diligence process,


With Extensive Expertise in: Well integrity, cementing, corrosion, upstream oil & gas (drilling, completion), carbon capture and storage, mathematical modeling, risk management, reliability, HSSE (health/safety/security/environment), asset integrity, management systems, sustainable development, project management, portfolio management, training, and technology development and innovation


Partial list of companies that have benefited from the trainer's expertise

Vermilion Energy, Geostock, Shell, Statoil, ENI, TNO, Geogreen and many more