Above Ground Storage Tanks (API 653) Masterclass

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Above Ground Storage Tanks (API 653) Masterclass

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Course description

Bulk Liquids Storage is very significant and complex element of Oil and Gas Industry. It requires strict compliance of applicable standards and regulations for ensuring safe operations. This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge needed to demonstrate the principles related to the O&M and inspection of above ground storage tanks.

Participants will learn about various elements of the inspection of tanks according to API 653. In order to operate tanks safely, they will learn about fire protection and venting systems. The delegates will learn about different standards for tank design and inspection. They will also go through different codes of NFPA. Upon completion of this course, participants shall have a better understanding of the technology related to petroleum tanks within the industry. Having this knowledge will help each delegate develop confidence and professional enthusiasm, therefore, increasing their efficiency. The knowledge that participants will gain from this course will be further expanded by on-job training and practical experience they will receive throughout the duration of their career.

meet the training leader
Muhammad Salim Jandula
Muhammad Salim Jandula
BE Mechanical Engineering
MS Ind. Eng. Mississippi State University, USA, MBA