In the Fleming Corporate Learning portfolio, you can choose from various learning programs to get the best learning experience. Gain face-to-face, private, and customized learning experience in the privacy of your company with an industry expert with In-House Training or choose from thousands of ready-made modules of soft skill e-learning courses and learn anytime, anywhere and on any device through an E-Learning program.

Imagine that you could be taught everything that you need to know in any specific industry about any specific topic or problem. Soft skills or hard skills, from finance, oil & gas, HSE, security, and energy to pharmacy or any other industries. Fleming provides customized Corporate Learning education for industry professionals. You choose what you need to learn and how you want to learn and Fleming will take care of the rest. You can meet industry experts with years of experience, ask specific questions, a study from custom-made case studies, and learn from real examples based on topics and specific problems chosen by you and fitting your organization’s needs.


Get an ideal mix of learning and implementing and bring the implementation to the highest level and get real learning ROI with customized Blended Learning or create your own tailor-made company content and turn it into gamification-, or scenario-based learning and take your employee training and onboarding to a completely new level with Custom Content E-Learning. Fleming Corporate Learning is education for industry professionals where the short-term goal is to know and the long-term goal is to grow.

… a successful organization should recognize and adapt to these crucial elements. Get ahead of your competition by achieving a market advantage through access to the latest information and constant learning and improvement. The future of a company’s growth mainly depends on having educated and motivated employees. In cooperation with highly experienced industry experts, we organize public courses focusing on very specific topics. Fleming Corporate Learning provides custom-made, specialized education that is targeted at specific issues of various industries and towards those who seek to improve in niche topics. We offer a tailor-made learning experience led by expert trainers with years of experience, real-life case studies focused on niche problems, and various forms of education.

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Corporate Learning | Fleming

In-house Training

We offer private training that is 100% customizable for your needs, held at your preferred venue, led by industry expert and lasting usually 2-5 days in small group structure, custom topics and real-life case studies, tests, certification and implementation review included, your training will benefit the whole department and company…

Corporate Learning | Fleming

Blended Learning

Features Maximum focus on knowledge implementation, mixing of In-House Training and E-Learning and represents a comprehensive learning experience, with long-term education and a combination of classroom learning, on-site visits, face-to-face sessions with the trainer and online courses, tests and implementation review included…

Corporate Learning | Fleming


E-Learning customized to your needs, with thousands of pre-made modules of soft skills courses that work with any LMS and are accessible on tablet, mobile, laptop, at home or at work, with tests and implementation review included…

Corporate Learning | Fleming

Custom Content

Custom content is a premium service that will transfer your company content into digital form. It will lead to improved processes, productivity and overall coordination of your business in the fast-changing 21st century…

Save time and money, improve implementation and educate the whole department with In-House training. In-House classroom training is ideal for small groups/whole departments for pressing issues and niche topics. It includes real-life case studies, tests, and certification. From Oil & Gas, Energy, Finance, HSE and Pharma to engineering we can provide an industry expert and custom-make the In-House training specifically to your company’s needs.

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