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Imagine that you could be taught everything that you need to know in any specific industry about any specific topic or problem. Soft skills or hard skills, from finance, oil & gas, HSE, security and energy to pharmacy or any other industries. Fleming. provides customized Corporate Learning education for industry professionals. You choose what you need to learn and how you want to learn and Fleming. will take care of the rest. You can meet industry experts with years of experience, ask specific questions, study from custom-made case studies and learn from real examples based on topics and specific problems chosen by you and fitting your organization’s needs.

In the Fleming. Corporate Learning portfolio, you can choose from various learning programs to get the best learning experience. Gain face-to-face, private and customized learning experience in the privacy of your company with an industry expert with In-House Training or choose from thousands of ready-made modules of soft skill e-learning courses and learn anytime, anywhere and on any device through an E-Learning program.

Get an ideal mix of learning and implementing and bring the implementation to the highest level and get real learning ROI with customized Blended Learning or create your own tailor-made  company content and turn it into gamification-, or scenario-based learning and take your employee training and onboarding to a completely new level with Custom Content E-Learning. Fleming. Corporate Learning is education for industry professionals where the short-term goal is to know and the long-term goal is to grow.

The in-house training was very beneficial. We learned different points and perspectives on how to approach a typical problem. The trainer was very professional and has a knowledge on the whole spectrum of analysers. Although we have years of experience within sampling - especially in polymer operations - the course and the trainer's experience was a good new approach incorporating multiple aspects, which broadened our horizons.”

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