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“Meet industry experts with years of experience in the privacy of your company and learn from custom-made case studies ”

In-House Training

From soft skills to hard skills, we provide an In-House learning experience led by industry experts from various industries.

Specific industries face specific problems. They require niche information and solutions. In industries such as HSE, HR, energy, oil & gas, mining, pharma, finance and many more, it can be challenging to find the right source of information and specific skills. With our customized In-House training you don’t have to search anymore. It is tailor made to your needs, taking place in privacy of your company, including real-life case studies and best practices and led by an independent industry expert.

Bring highly experienced industry leaders and professionals right into your company. Provide your employees a unique learning experience without being out of office for several days. Fleming. In-House Training is customized to your needs and focused on specific issues your employees need to understand and solve.

Save time and money, improve implementation and educate the whole department with In-House training.

In-House classroom training is ideal for small groups / whole departments for pressing issues and niche topics. It includes real-life case studies, tests and certification. From oil & gas, energy, finance, HSE and pharma to engineering we can provide an industry expert and custom-make the In-House training specifically to your company's needs.

Face-to-face training, led by an expert and delivered in your premises, si fully customized with the focus on the specifics of your organization. From soft skills to hard skills, from accounting to engineering, our faculty of more than 200 trainers world wide will bring you precisely the training your organization needs in any industry.

 Main benefits for the company


  • cost saving
  • time saving
  • customization
  • certification
  • ideal for whole department
  • implementation
  • no need to be out of office
  • in house/privacy
  • independent consultant

   Main benefits for the attendees


  • niche/specific topics
  • custom-made case studies
  • focus on implementation
  • privacy
  • small group of people
  • Q&A/discussion
  • expert with years of experience
  • implementation
  • certification


Based on your requirements, we will build a practical training including content tailored to your specific needs, our cutting edge methodologies and relevant modules from our training portfolio.

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Classroom Training


Implementation Review


“The in-house training was very beneficial. We learned different points and perspectives on how to approach a typical problem. The trainer was very professional and he has a knowledge on the whole spectrum of analysers. Although we have years of experience within sampling - especially in polymers operations - the course and the trainer's experience was good new approach incorporating multiple aspect, which broadened our horizons. 

Total S.A.


“Meet industry experts with years of experience in the privacy of your company and learn from custom-made case studies 


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