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From soft skills to hard skills, we provide an E-Learning experience led by industry experts from various industries.

Learn anywhere, anytime, anyhow with your smartphone, PC or tablet. Choose from a database of thousands of pre-made modules from the largest providers of soft skill e-learning or adjust the course according to your needs. Fleming E-learning is a flexible learning experience bringing you customized courses with a focus on long-term development and implementation. It is ideal for larger teams or the whole organization and works with any learning management system (LMS).

E-Learning is at the top priority for businesses that are looking to the future and think long-term. To improve employees skills means also improving a company's quality and human capital, and in the end it means better economic results for the company.

Course Tests, Skills and knowledge testing:

Practically all of our thousands of courses are built with pre- and post-assessments. All our courseware is designed to be tracked, offering the most comprehensive reports that the progression and achievements of both learners and company.

Earned lots of knowledge and very good experience. Looking forward to another course.

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Project Management

Communication skills

Media & presentation skills

Health & Safety

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“Learn, improve and grow anywhere and at any device

Fleming. Corporate Learning

Education for professionals

Main benefits for Attendees


Thousand of ready-made courses

Work on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet...)


Main benefits for Company

Works with any LMS

Flexible online education

Long term development

Broad range of topics

Choose from thousands of pre-made modules from the largest providers of soft skill e-learning globally. These off-the-shelf modules work with any learning management system (LMS) or we will provide you with the direct access in case you do not have the LMS. You can access the modules on smartphone, tablet, or laptop, at home, in the office or when you commute. Gain new knowledge or refresh your skills when and where it suits you best.

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