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Blended Learning

Get maximum learning implementation for your organization.

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Fleming. Blended Learning is ideal mix of learning and its implementing with maximum focus on practicality and application. This special long-term custom-made learning experience provides combination of classroom in-house training, online courses and virtual classroom, on site visits, exams, implementation reviews and certifications.

Get the real ROI and see the results of your learning process in practice. This custom-made long-term learning program is ideal solution for organizations who need to improve implementation, see the results and seek high ROI.

Combination of tailor-made topics, case studies, industry experts with years of experience and maximum implementation provides unique learning experience and improvement to your employees and your company.

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Classroom Training

Online Courses

Virtual Classroom

Site Visit


Implementation Review

630 - 17

Main Benefits for Attendees

Specific topics

Custom-made case studies

Mix of classroom & online learning


Focus on Implementation

Face-to-face learning


Expert with years of experience

Tests & Certification

Main benefits for Company

Cost & time saving

No need to be out of office


Independent expert / trainer

Privacy of company

Maximum focus on implementation

Independent consultant

Test / Exams / Certification

High ROI

Learning has no value unless it is applied. The best way to increase the implementation rate is by reviews and repetitions. Start with face-to-face training led by the industry expert followed by e-learning modules, virtual classroom and site visits by the trainer, implementation review and final exam in the upcoming 3-12 months. Create your perfect learning mix and get the real learning ROI.

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