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  • Jean-Michel Cardot
  • Professor
  • Clermont-Auvergne University, France
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Key topics

Introduction to IVIVC

Common problems and errors when establishing IVIVC

How to predict concentrations

Legal frame

Special Features

Gallery view to see all participants in video meeting at one time

Individual case-by-case consultancy with the

Comprehensive printed and digital course trainer

Case studies from the trainer's experience

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Benefits of attending

Get critical insights into the types of IVIVC

Understand the selection of most appropriate data to establish IVIVC

Familiarize yourself with predictability

Learn when IVIVC could & could not be established

Gain clarification on intersubject & intrasubject variability

Explore absorption determination

Understand what do to in absence of IR or IV

Learn how to establish time scaling

Explore compartmental based methods

Get examples on applications for MR formulations, class 2 drug, long-acting drugs and metabolites

Discuss classical application for DR formulations

Gain tips for pooling data from more than one study

Explore setting dissolution limits

Understand utilization of IVIVC in development


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