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  • Dr. Daniel Balos
  • RBI Consultant
  • MPA - University of Stuttgart,
    Materials Testing Institute
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Course description

RBI methodology is an approach that is used for optimization of inspection efforts in a plant by identifying most critical process equipment and piping and safety valves and thus focusing the inspection effort on the items with the highest risk. By applying the RBI approach, a solid basis for decision making on inspection frequency, the extent of inspection, and the most suitable type of inspection that can be established. The knowledge about the state of the plant and management of the corresponding risks can be further integrated in the overall plant asset (integrity) management. This course will provide inspectors and analysts with advanced knowledge and skills in Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) based on the framework defined in API RP 580 and indepth understanding of the calculations performed according to the API RP 581 for fixed equipment and piping. The course covers both the principles and guidelines for developing an RBI program, as per API RP 580, as well as details of quantitative methods and calculation details as given in API RP 581. Other than that, this enables the participants to understand the safety and economic benefits of RBI implementation in refining and process industries. It enables the participants to understand the calculation background and principles and helps them use the results of an RBI analysis in optimal way. It also covers the standards development and technology improvements and helps understand the links to other topics that are dealing with risk and safety in the plant operation.

Key takeaways

Understand the RBI process for the fixed equipment and piping in refining and process Industries

In-depth, in-detail knowledge and understanding of both qualitative and quantitative approaches in the RBI

The benefits and limitations of various RBI technologies

Understand the RBI process implementation and how to improve and develop RBI programs

Use RBI as tool for decision-making in asset management strategy

Adhere to codes of compliance resulting in increased safety

Understand better the Probability of Failure & Consequence of Failures Concept

Understand how to utilize the RBI results for inspection planning and as input for condition assessment of the equipment, as well as a part of integral asset integrity management process

Increase process safety further & reduce the plant downtime, especially in mature/aging plants

Identify the operational risks associated with equipment via material degradation

Understand damage factors & inspection effectiveness for selected equipment

Know the best methods to search for damage mechanisms

Implement a more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection

Understand damage progression in time & inspection/maintenance needs throughout the lifecycle of the plant

Have reliable equipment and plant operation & achieve optimal life cycle cost

Course format

This practical advanced training puts together a unique combination of 7 lectures and 10 workshop sessions. The participants at this training will spend 2 and ½ days working on specific practical assignments and case studies. We will dive deep into the issues concerning the RBI with the goal of solving specific practical worked examples and thus turning the training from theory to complete practice. The uniqueness of this format and the practical hands-on training delivery provides unmatched learning opportunities and unparalleled experience with the goal of enabling participants to acquire practical knowledge they will be able to apply in their organizations.

7 Lectures

Introduction to Asset Integrity

Introduction to Risk-Based Inspection

Data & Information Collection for RBI Assessment

Probability of Failure Introduction

Consequence of Failures (COF)

Inspection Planning Based Upon Risk Analysis

Risk Management with Inspection Activities &Other Risk Mitigation Activities

10 Workshops

Probability of Failure Considerations – Thinning

Probability of Failure Considerations – Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

Examples of Other Damage Mechanisms

Examples for High Temperature Related Problems

Consequence of Failure Calculations, Level 1

Pressure Relief Device Calculation (PRD/PRV) Simplified

Consequence of Failure Calculations, Level 2

Heat Exchanger Tube Bundles

Pressure Relief Device Calculation (PRD/PRV) Combined

Establishment of Optimal Inspection / Maintenance Plan


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