Corporate Governance Master Class

4 Day capacity advancement training for Directors and Senior Executive Management. Meeting the rising strategic and operational Leadership expectations.


Course description

Stakeholders have clearly raised expectations for effective governance and ethical leadership as good leadership imperative. Moreover it is increasingly becoming a key success factor for creating sustainable enterprises. In addition, regulators worldwide are raising the bar in criminal penalties against organizations and persons found negligent or liable for governance failures.

It is therefore vital for the board and senior leadership to acquire intelligence ( knowhow, hindsight, insight and foresight) on what an effective leadership entails, contextualize it under global market and industry megatrends, mix it with risk management paradigm honed in full spectrum of expectation of governance obligations if they seek to be able attain sustainable success with confidence. This program is designed to provide knowledge and proficiency as part of capacity development for directors. The capability obtained is expected to go beyond the secret of building high-performing to fully actualized values driven strategic boards to abilities to build and lead lasting organizations.



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Corporate Governance Master Class training by Fleming Agenda Cover
Corporate Governance Master Class

Key takeaways