Directional, Horizontal, Multilateral & Extended Reach Drilling

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Directional, Horizontal, Multilateral & Extended Reach Drilling

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Course description

This course will deliver an advanced understanding of modern directional drilling techniques and the industry standards used in well placement. The evolution of directional drilling tools and techniques that are used to achieve high accuracy well positioning are detailed with reference to the fundamental engineering that underlies the equipment we work with, and the procedures and practices we work to. 

This is very much an operationally focused course which looks to deliver a detailed understanding of not just the narrow field of the Directional Driller’s work, but all the associated areas of risk that can result from the practices, tools and techniques that they may use.The knowledge from this course can be directly applied to ongoing drilling operations or future well planning and will have a dramatic impact on drilling performance.

All the topics are placed in their operational context and an understanding of how each topic is inter-related with the other subject areas in the course is developed throughout the week. Throughout the course areas in which directional drilling can adversely impact the well cost or increase the well risk are detailed and the mitigations for these risks are discussed.

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Kevin Gray
Black Reiver Consulting, UK
Dave Wilson | Fleming
Dave Wilson
Black Reiver Consulting, UK

Course format

This practical advanced training puts together a unique combination of 8 lectures and 8 practical exercises. The participants at this training will spend the equal time on theory and lectures as well as on specific practical exercises where we will dive deep into the issues concerning the directional, horizontal, multilateral and extended reach drilling with the goal of solving specific practical assignments and thus turning the training from theory to complete practice. The uniqueness of this format and the practical hands-on training delivery provides unmatched learning opportunities and unparalleled experience with the goal of enabling
participants to acquire practical knowledge they will be able to apply in their organizations.





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Directional Horizontal Multilateral & Extended Reach Drilling Training Course | Fleming
Directional Horizontal Multilateral & Extended Reach Drilling Training Course | Fleming
Directional Horizontal Multilateral & Extended Reach Drilling Training Course | Fleming
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How Do We Know Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Tools and Equipment

How Do We Steer the Well

Torque and Drag

Rotary BHA

Safety in Steering Wells

Understanding Risks and Drilling Limits

Drilling Optimisation

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Practical Exercises

Critical Rig Operational Checks

Rigsite Operations of the Directional Driller

Toolface Understanding and Control

Plotting Torque & Drag and Understanding the T&D Plots

BHA Design Examples & Hole Cleaning Demonstrations

Traveling Cylinder Plots and Plotting on Well Plots

Rigfloor Preparation and Drilling Activities

Shock and Vibration Demonstrations

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