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  • Dr. Eilen Arctander Vik
  • Managing Director
  • Aquateam COWI AS, Norway
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  • Dr. Bjorn Rusten
  • Senior Consultant
  • Aquateam COWI AS
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Course description

Water is a major component in all phases of hydrocarbon production and becomes a major issue also during downstream oil and gas processing. A robust water treatment plant is essential for smooth operation of all refining processes. With changing crude oil- and water qualities, climate changes impacting surface run-off and stricter regulations to meet health and environmental challenges, which can be both volatile and toxic is an ever-growing task for refineries.

Most downstream processes also generate wastewater that must be treated prior to discharge and/ or reuse. Wastewater treatment in downstream facilities can be a complex issue. Many pollutants must be removed to ensure full compliance with environmental regulations and appropriate quality. These pollutants are mostly related to the petroleum (aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, phenols, PAH) to bacteria formed by-products (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia) to oxygen consumption (COD, BOD), heavy metals (mercury, copper etc.), cyanides salinity (chlorides), etc.

Oil refineries, the petrochemical industry, and chemical processing industry have extensive water and wastewater needs. Operators seek cost and operational efficiency, while providing better environmental stewardship. This course is designed to address the challenges of water and wastewater treatment in downstream oil and gas industry by covering the topics of onshore water storage and processing, environmental legislations, water quality, waste water treatment and meeting HSE requirements. The course is presented by independent consultants, well recognized in the petroleum industry, who have travelled the world to provide assessments of water systems and treatment options and who are well updated on the latest technologies under development and qualified by the industry.

Key topics

BAT-AEL guidelines

Biological waste water treatment

Controlling and meeting HSE requirements

Polishing downstream bioreactors

Sludge handling

Sampling, monitoring & control

Key takeaways

At the end of the training course delegates will:

GAIN knowledge to effectively tackle the challenges in water and wastewater treatment in downstream oil and gas industry

UNDERSTAND how to reduce operational and maintenance costs by applying the most efficient water treatment techniques and establish good operational routines

LEARN how to meet demanding regulatory and environmental requirements and stay compliant with them

UNDERSTAND the water management issues during onshore storage, refining and processing and impact of site location on discharge requirements

IMPROVE the waste water treatment processes

LEARN how to cope with microbial challenges in downstream oil & gas facilities

REALIZE the importance of sampling, monitoring and control


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