Enterprise Risk Management Certification Training


Enterprise Risk Management Certification Training

Course description

The World is changing fast and leaders need to prepare for trends that have the potential to significantly alter the risk landscape for their companies. This dynamic future is expected to bring opportunities for Organisations, while at the same time, it can also create considerable threats for those who are not well prepared. Moreover, sustainability requires we outgrow our past where risk management was often an exercise in fear and avoidance where organizations focused primarily on completing necessary, compliance-driven activities. Today and in future, the use of effective Risk Management shall potentially drive Performance and Value creation above traditional Value Protection Perspective. Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional-ERMCP program prepares candidates for ERMCP. ERMCP is given to professionals who are well-experienced in the field of Enterprise Risk Management and can demonstrate their knowledge, experiences, and skills in managing the ERM process, which consists though not exclusively setting the context, identifying, and assessing, mitigating, and monitoring risk.

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John Kabiru | Trainer | Fleming
Patrick Gitau | Trainer | Fleming


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Why Risk Management

Consequent to above imperative, there is a growing recognition and implication that Risk Management has become a critical good governance success factor for all Organisations. Accordingly Leaders must build the capability to deal with risk well. This training shall help you establish and deepen technical expertise to orchestrate a sound Risk Management Practice in your organization. The Comprehensive course comprises skills needed to take the opportunity to manage your enterprise risk including taking calculated risk for forward-looking value adding choices as key ingredients to attainment of objectives and shall catalyze sustainable growth in the uncertain futures.

Training Methodologies

Detailed program and executive presentation material to be provided in advance on payment of certificate fees. The training shall use Cases Studies, Videos, Interactive instructions and slide presentations, Group session /Exercises and Post-course refresher for key lessons. 

Certified Professional – ERMCP Exam Fees

Exam Fees: US$ 500

Why Certifications for Professionals?

While there are many ways to prove your capabilities, being certified by a credible global organization has always been the credible way to define your professionalism. The rapid growth of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has led to an increasing need of risk management capabilities. With high acquisition rate of ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines, companies throughout the world are now in search for professionals who could manage the company’s risks holistically and effectively. So if you are a risk leader, a director, risk professional or an aspiring risk professional, whether you are working on technical, managerial, or strategic level of organization, having a widely recognized competency in ERM is a must to boost your credibility and career. By having one of ERMA’s certifications, you finally have what your career has been waiting for years—wider opportunity and recognition in risk management field.


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