Gas Chromatography in Oil & Gas Industry

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Course description

Gas chromatography has been one of the basic analytical techniques in the oil industry for many years. From online process analyzers that monitor process streams in refineries to the characterization of feedstocks, product of primary and secondary processing units, to finished products. Its purpose is to produce analytical data which meet the required product specifications and environmental requirements. The possibility to analyse a wide range of complex samples is the result of the application of modern technologies in instrument performance, universal and selectivedetectors and gas chromatographic columns.
This laboratory management training course presents the fundamentals and theory of gas chromatography along with the basic operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, method development, validation techniques and data analysis. The course covers all the elements of gas chromatography technique, from sample preparation and introduction, separation and detection systems. The course will cover the best practices and applications of gas chromatography in the oil and gas industry.

meet the training leader
Dr Sanda Telen
Managing Director and Founder