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  • Jan Demeere
  • SH&E Director – Continental Europe
  • AECOM, Belgium

Jan Demeere is an environmental engineer with a passion for safety, health and environment (SHE). Jan Joined AECOM in 2003 and is since more than 12 years responsible for implementing a SHE program at AECOM. The activities of AECOM are widely varied starting from delivering environmental and governmental services, civil and infrastructure works and design, build, operate, maintain and finance buildings. Currently being the SHE director for AECOM in Continental Europe and based in Belgium, Jan and his team are overlooking 30 countries with very diverse cultures and guide them towards safety excellence using a multi-years transformation plan, annual action plans in which effective leadership, active involvement and employee participation are our foundations. Also rooted in our SH&E Management System, AECOM's "culture of caring" sets an expectation for each employee, contractor and business partner to take personal responsibility for keeping our colleagues and others associated with our work, safe, healthy and act with respect for our environment. At AECOM we embrace safety, health and respect for the environment as a lifestyle choice by maintaining essential procedures and behaviours everywhere we go.