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14th HSE Excellence Europe

Who beat Google in the voting for best CSR for 2017?

Consumers from 15 countries voted for top 10 most socially responsible companies in the 2017 Global CSR RepTrak® 100 report, which is annually prepared by the Reputation Institute. This report was based on 170,000 company ratings. Who beat Google, which took 1st place for the last three annuals in a row? Let's find out:

1. Lego
Lego totally nailed it by receiving 74.4 RepTrak points. The most famous toy company worldwide took home the gold this year in comparison with fifth place in 2016. Consumers appreciated their ethical behavior, fair business conduct, transparency, pro-environmental efforts and support of causes that matter.
2. Microsoft
The tech giant came in second place for the second time in a row. With 74.1 RepTrak points, Microsoft persuaded consumers through its constant efforts in enhancing education as a highly relevant global human issue.
3. Google
With a score of 73.9, Google took third place mainly thanks to efforts of CEO Sundar Pichai, who is determined to publicly speak out about issues that he believes in. However, the most popular search engine slightly dropped from their first place score in 2016.

The rest of the top CSR companies placed as following:

4. Walt Disney Company: 73.5 points
5. BMW Group:71.5 points
6. Intel: 71.1 points
7. Robert Bosch: 71 points
8. Cisco Systems: 71 points
9. Rolls-Royce Aerospace: 70.7 points
10. Colgate-Palmolive: 70.4 points


With “sustainability” as the most discussed word in the recent decade, corporate social responsibility has become one of the most crucial drivers in building a positive brand perception with customers. It is proven that customers are more likely to recommend companies “that do care.” Doing business in a way that cares about the environment and people literally pays off.

How exactly does being environmental lead to profitability? And what is the positive motivation for companies to be environmental? Gergely Jancsar, Head of SD from Mol Group, Hungary, will reveal this in his case study: What is an ideal company from the environmental perspective with the focus on sustainable development? This study is a part of the core “Environment track” at the 12th annual HSE Excellence Europe conference (15 – 17 May 2018, Lisbon).

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