Advanced IVIVC Professional

This course will provide critical insights into various types of IVIVC and practical exercises focused on absorption determination, time scaling, prediction, determination of dissolution limits, case resolution problem from design of studies to utilization of IVIVC.

Digital Quality in Clinical Trials

This unique course provides a practical & indepth understanding of the electronic systems and technologies used in clinical trials, and brings clarifications on global regulation, requirements, compliance & quality concerns.

Marketing Authorisation & Change Procedures for Generics

Understand the specific regulatory & legal environment concerning generic medicinal products. Update your knowledge on regulatory procedures for new applications and variations. Get an overview of the documentation for Generic applications. Understand the current integrated life-cycle approach from development to registration and maintenance, including ICH Q12.

The Grey Zone, a practical guide to guide conduct, compliance and business ethics

Customer segmentation in healthcare engagement – Addressing the missing link

Optimal combination of toxicology and ADME in early drug development

Agility in Compliance – Yes, please!

We are all in sales

Toxicology, ADME & Early Drug Development Plan

This training course brings practical workshops to develop your skills on how to integrate early ADME & tox screens into Lead Optimization and Early Drug Development. Join expert trainers and discuss how science and compliance must go hand-in-hand.

Focus on biowaiver approach