Dealing with uncertainties in pharmacovigilance & PRAC procedures in the new era

The rise of eCOAs in the patient-centered health-care

Quality Requirements for Biotech Products (From First-in-Human to Phase III)

The IMPD is an mandatory part of the clinical trial processes and this ara involves heavy regulatory requiremens. This three day course will teach the participants necessary information for Quality requirements of Biotech-IMPs from non clinical use to Phase III clinical trials.

Pharma R&D Portfolio Management in the 21st Century

This course is designed for those who already have some experience in R&D project & portfolio management, decision analysis and prioritization, and wish to develop their skills and knowledge in the evolving portfolio management tools, techniques and strategies to maximize value and drive innovation.

International Patient Experience Summit

3rd Annual International Patient Experience Summit & Eminence Awards 11 – 12 September 2019 Dubai, UAE Learn How Artificial Intelligence Helps Hospitals Drive Patient Experiences Download brochure Download brochureFill in details below to download your PDF brochure. Name*Job title*Phone*Corporate email* I agree with Terms & Conditions and I give my consent to the collecting and … Continued

Interview with Doris I. Stenver, MD, MPA

Data Science & AI in Pharma & Healthcare

This 4-day course is intended to expose participants to data science and AI best practices in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry and introduce the big data ecosystem and how it can benefit from AI.

Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech West

The process for managing portfolios vary from company to company based upon firm size, culture, and corporate governance and structure. Success of the project portfolio management process is dependent on having a strong portfolio group with access to the project data, the ability to process large amounts the data to answer ‘what if’ questions to create different scenarios and access to executives who would listen to the insights from the analysis. They use different portfolio selection methods – quantitative and qualitative. This will compare how managers build and execute the project and portfolio management in different organizations. “The Art & Science of Decision Making”.

Market Access Strategies

This course will help in positioning market access as an enabler for commercial success, rather than a hurdle. This implies an understanding of creative, innovative, and collaborative approaches for the development and implementation of market access strategy and tactics.

Bioanalytics for Biopharmaceuticals: Pharmacokinetics, Immunogenicity & Biomarkers

This training will increase your understanding of what is needed to ensure good assay quality, what is the current view of the bioanalytical community and what regulators expect.