Are you providing EXEMPLARY patient experience?

Biowaivers Training

This course will focus on the various biowaivers types, the possibilities opened, but also the limitations. It will highlight the data needed and the way to present them.

Is patient experience part of the “day job”?

Patient Experience Is patient experience part of the “day job”? Published 2 September 2019 Read the article and learn more about Patient Experience with our key speaker John Morrison. No matter where in the medical facility or business people work, whether in the back office or patient-facing roles, whether it be leading the organization or … Continued

The balancing act that’s keeping pharma and biotech market access on its toes

The Intimate Magic of a Telephone Call

Patient Experience The Intimate Magic of a Telephone Call Published 24 June 2019 In a world where patient experience and relationships have had to adapt to the presence of technology, the simple act of speaking on the phone still holds some kind of power. In this blog, let’s rediscover and talk about the potential of … Continued

Introduction to Biosimilars

Dealing with uncertainties in pharmacovigilance & PRAC procedures in the new era

The rise of eCOAs in the patient-centered health-care

Quality Requirements for Biotech Products (From First-in-Human to Phase III)

The IMPD is an mandatory part of the clinical trial processes and this ara involves heavy regulatory requiremens. This three day course will teach the participants necessary information for Quality requirements of Biotech-IMPs from non clinical use to Phase III clinical trials.

Pharma & Biotech R&D Portfolio Management in the 21st Century

This course is designed for those who already have some experience in R&D project & portfolio management, decision analysis and prioritization, and wish to develop their skills and knowledge in the evolving portfolio management tools, techniques and strategies to maximize value and drive innovation.