Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection

“In-depth understanding of the MFL technology to properly engineer the equipment and independently analyze the data”

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Course description

In many fields of non-destructive testing Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection (MFL) is the standard NDT technique. This is the case for internal pipeline inspection, tank floor inspection and also wire rope inspection.

For many people in the industry it is important to have a full and in-depth understanding of the technology. This is the case for those that will make use of the inspection results. Often it is not sufficient to base important integrity decisions on unsubstantiated, hand-waving arguments. A sound comprehension and the ability to also consider the technical context of such inspections will lead to a more independent and robust selection of services and usage of the results. It will allow for a better technical communication of service providers to procurement managers.

At the same time a full understanding is also important for those who generate the results in the first place. It is a quick and at the same time profound introduction to all people that approach the topic from an engineering point of view. The design of inspection instruments is too bespoke to teach this topic in university classes. Nevertheless, design engineers require a theoretical background in order to design in a purposeful manner.

Finally the course provides valuable background information for inspection technicians and data analysts that carry out the inspection and analyse the data. They need to understand the possibilities and limitations of the technology. The course would ideally fit in as a primer prior to in-house training that will familiarise the attendees with the topic before the detailed training on company-specific software and tools is done. Moreover, it can be a supplement to the certified courses for PCN, EN ISO 9712 or ASNT, as these courses are usually broader.

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Konrad Reber | Speaker | Fleming
Dr.-Ing. Konrad Reber
Director Research and Development
Innetiqs GmbH, Germany

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MFL Inspection

Electromagnetic terminology, magnetic properties & material selection

Design of magnetic circuits

Engineering aspects in magnetic

Setup of MFL scanning devices

Analysis and interpretation of MFL signals

Specifics of Advanced Therapies

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