Materials Selection and Damage Mechanisms in Hydrogen Service

“Challenges and opportunities in hydrogen production, transport and storage technology“


Materials Selection and Damage Mechanisms in Hydrogen Service

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Hydrogen as efficient energy carrier has been used as energy source for decades, as well as important substance for i.e., hydrocracking processes in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, significant research has been performed in making sure that the production, transport, and storage as well as ultimate use are performed in a safe manner.

Hydrogen molecule/atom size has the capability to enter and diffuse through the materials, as well as accumulate, concentrate, and react with the material of vessel and piping systems for hydrogen handling at elevated temperatures, as well as at ambient and cryogenic conditions. This can ultimately lead to i.e., embrittlement and loss of mechanical and physical properties and increasing the probability of pressure envelope breach and hydrogen accidents such as fire or explosion.

The potential of hydrogen to be used in conjunction with the green energy use – as the direct product or intermediate energy storage for unsteady conditions green energy sources are known for – aggravates the known problems and creates new challenges. The use of hydrogen in such setup requires the scale-up of the existing experience, and application of hydrogen technology on wider scale.

This course looks at the hydrogen technologies in the overall hydrogen life cycle from the point of its production through transportation and storage up to the point of consumption of the hydrogen, most notably as fuel for energy production. The course aims to bring the vast knowledge accumulated in the i.e. oil industry in hydrogen production and use to the general public.

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