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  • Joel Levitt
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  • Springfield Resources, United States of America
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Course Promise

This is a unique time. The old guard is retiring, and the tech-savvy new guard needs some background in maintenance management to maximize their effectiveness. Our promise for this program is that you will have a new and more in-depth understanding of reliability and maintenance and you will see how to manage modern technology to deliver exceptional results. With this understanding you will enjoy a dramatically increased ability to design, plan for, and manage these activities. You will leave the Maintenance Management Masterclass with a plan you will develop for the future.

Win a copy of the best-selling The Handbook of Maintenance Management


Now in its second edition and written by a highly acclaimed maintenance professional, this comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource provides a short review of all the major discussions going on in the management of the maintenance function. This revision of a classic has been thoroughly updated to include advances in technology and thinking and is sure to be found useful by maintenance professionals everywhere. It's the perfect reference for any maintenance professional that needs a quick update on any specific area within the subject.

Reasons to Register

How to view and manage assets from the corporate perspective

We offer a new view of assets - a corporate and organizational view that spans all the departments and divisions of the company. Through topics such as asset management, uptime elements, managing risk in addition to managing value, building our strength in the core value of safety we will learn the real goal of maintenance.

Reliability, mission and your culture of breakdowns

Culture and reliability always match and the true enemy is deterioration and breakdown. We will be looking at the real cost of breakdowns, the sins of the past and the reliability culture. We will also be looking at performance to failure curve and the whole issue of integrity within your culture.

World-class maintenance and how it works to make you the best

World-class maintenance calls you to be the best maintenance department you can be – it is the driver for excellence. We will review the tools of WCM such as reliability centered design, RAMS, precision maintenance, defect assessment or RCA.

Reliability Strategy Development

We use criticality to decide what strategy is the best one to use to take care of a particular asset under a particular working condition. We will be looking at PM systems, FMEA, RCM, PM optimization, TPM, TLC, 5S, visual workplace, 4 dimensions of PM. We will be dealing with the 3 big causes of failures, DIPF and drone inspection.

Modern Work Management

We will talk about the modern CMMS and all the sources of asset knowledge and why having it available will lead to fewer mistakes and higher efficiency. We will look at the RACI tools, backlog management, mobile computing, optimizing work request and order, budgeting, planning and scheduling, shutdowns and outages, introducing the use of virtual and augmented reality and improving quality on the maintenance floor.

Understanding and using IIoT, drones, big data, analytics & AI

We will look at all new tech that has come out recently such as IIoT, sensors, edge computing, big data, asset halo, artificial intelligence and CMMS based analytics.

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