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  • John Cornell
  • Storage Tank Specialist and Consultant
  • United States of America
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Course description

Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are designed to provide product service for 50 years and beyond ,but only if they are properly painted, inspected and repaired. Operators are sometimes not aware of the special inspection methodologies and tools (NDT) that are available and whose operations and purpose are explained in-depth in the many Publications, Technical Review, Recommended Practices and Standards currently available and offered by The American Petroleum Institute. These documents, when used by trained personnel, can substantially increase the usable life span of an Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) by increasing operating revenue through reduced out-of-service inspection and unplanned down-time.

If you own or manage large, steel AST’s then this class is for you. It promises to be a highly interactive 3-day course that will allow you to understand that tanks can operate as more than just “a storage device for your product”./span>

Key takeaways

Apply the NDT’s listed within API 653 to both assess a tank’s current condition and to predict and extend operational life spans by applying industry recognized corrosion prevention Standards, Recommended Practices, Publications and Technical Reports.

Select appropriate Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques designed to determine the degree of corrosion and the optimum repair plan for returning the tank to service in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Gain knowledge of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques and their application in extending in-service periods between out of service inspections.

Revisit plausibility of using Similar Service Assessment.

Understand tank shell testing procedures.

Determine appropriate repair or non-invasive methodology to best extend the life-span.

Understand the implications of the newly released TR 655 Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors.

Consider tank corrosion mechanisms and internal corrosion control based on API RP 571.

Learn how to properly apply coatings and linings based on API RP 652.

Learn how to achieve effective corrosion control on ASTs through the use of cathodic protection as outlined in API RP 651.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Live Visual Exhibit using TankCam®



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