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  • Pawel Pokutycki
  • Lecturer, Interaction Designer and Researcher
  • Royal Academy of Art, Netherlands
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Course description

Thanks to ever greater collaboration between stakeholders, and co-creation with pa-tients, a great deal of progress has been made. We now have a better understanding of what patient centricity and patient engagement mean for different stakeholders. However, with the speed of innovation in technology, new initiatives as well as a complexity of stakeholders, several challenges have emerged, particularly in the area of creating the best Patient Life Journey. It’s essential to understand how crucial it is for building decent development, medical, marketing and sales strategies. This course provides practical insights into novel approaches, methodologies and tools for patient engagement and stakeholder communication in the digital age. We also tackle how to measure their impact and success. Gain inspiration insight for your digital strategies and get ready for 2050!

Key Topics

Stakeholders mapping

Creating personas


Content and messaging - visualisation methodologies & examples

Digital journey – digital targeting & segmentation of digital tools

Patient-centered digital health

Multichannel communication

Measuring the impact of digital projects

Social Media strategies

Briefing & managing agencies

Patient Services - Blockchain, AI, VR, AR, Robotics, Alexa, wearable technologies, voice as useful tools

Ethics appearing as one of the most important departments in the organisation

Key Takeaways

Understand what patient engagement & patient centricity mean for different stakeholders

Get real-life examples about the importance of creating the best Patient Life Journey

Acquire the methodology of building the Patient Life Journey

Become confident in content creation, storytelling & visualisation

Gain insights into building a digital strategy

Get familiar with social media channels

Explore segmentation of digital tools and digital targeting of customers

Learn how to measure the effectiveness and success of your digital projects

Evaluate the impact of digital projects on different stakeholders

Understand ethical aspects of new technologies

Gain insight to build the best patient services using new technologies

Understand risks related to new technologies and get examples how to overcome them

Learn how to set KPIs for patient services

Explore the best existing practices in patient services

Examples of stories of several patients and their life journeys

Special Features

Stakeholders joining forces for the best of patients and their families

Inspirational visualisation examples

Customized topics – submit your topics/challenges before the course

Inspirational messages from gurus of Social Media, Medicine, New Technologies, Psychology, Leadership and Art

New technologies – the café lounge and presentation of products of healthcare start-ups

Individual case by case consultancy with the trainers

Certificate of completion issued by the Trainers

Comprehensive printed and digital course documentation


Online Live Stream

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