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GCC Patient Experience

Eminence Awards

Winning awards can do wonders for your organization.

Awards Overview

The Patient Experience Eminence awards is a peer to peer recognition aimed at acknowledging outstanding efforts, commitment, and outcomes in pursuit of a sustainable, patient-centric healthcare model in the GCC region.

The awards and even the nomination alone will win your organization a spotlight among industry peers and leaders attending the International Patient Experience Summit and in our community and extended networks.


Jury Panel

How to submit

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Award Format

  • Award will be self-nominated. Interested organizations should nominate themselves by filling a form and providing supporting documentation.
  • Each category will have a comprehensive nomination form that will help the jury to evaluate and shortlist the winners.
  • Each organization can nominate themselves up to 3 categories
  •  All technology providers/solution providers will compete against other technology/ solution providers from GCC region.
  •  The winners will be announced during the Summit hosted by Fleming.
  • Jury's decision will be final and will be

Judging Format

  • Each judge will rate the nominee on a scale of 1-10 while 10 being the highest
  • This score will be solely based on the organization's efforts in the last 12 months
  • The final score will be the sum of the scores from each judge and the nominee with the highest score will be declared as the winner
  • There will be no comparison with other organization's efforts and performance as each organization is unique and so are the challenges
    they face.


Organizations: The awards are open for firms in GCC registered under local authority.

Individuals: The nominee needs to represent a healthcare organization operating in GCC

  • The jury panel may modify the eligibility criteria in best interests of the Awards
  • The jury panel holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Special Awards

Magic Touch Award

Best Nurse

Healing Heart Award

Best Physician

Categories for Individuals

1. PX Leader Award

2. PX Innovator Award

Categories for Organizations

1. Excellence in the measurement of patient experience and its impact on patient outcomes

Awarding an organization with the best practices for measuring and improving patient outcomes. Outcomes definition - for patients and organization - and how they are measured – Understanding of insights and its correlation with patient outcomes.

2. Best business impact through improved patient experience

Awarding an organization that achieved a significant RO I improvement based on improved patient experience.

3. Excellence in a cultural shift towards patient-centricity and patient experience

Awarding an organization with the best practices for managing a cultural shift to achieve a truly patient-centric model for enhanced patient experience, best employee empowerment for enhanced patient experience.

4. Special needs – Best patient engagement & experience innovations

Awarding an organization with the most innovative approaches, tools, and technologies for special categories of population – best engagement of children & young adults, best engagement of elderly population, etc…

5. Best patient engagement innovation launched by a patient organization

Awarding a patient organization or patient advocacy group that has launched the most innovative patient engagement & experience initiative, project or program.

6. Best use of wearables/digital health to enhance patient engagement & experience

Awarding an organization which has developed or applied the wearables/digital health for improved patient engagement & experience, as well as wearables for lifestyle enhancement and disease prevention.

7. Most improved hospital in terms of technology usage based on acknowledged areas for development

Awarding an organization which has managed to improve the areas where they have made mistakes or have not provided the levels of service and experience promised. In these areas, an awarded organization have developed and implemented technology to drive up overall satisfaction.

8. Most innovative use of technology to collect & analyze patient feedback

Awarding an organization with the best practices examples of using the new technology in an innovative way to collect & analyze patient feedback.

9. Excellence in the patient journey through the hospital both In-Patient/Out-Patient

Awarding an organization with the best use of technology that enables the patients through the Hospital journey both In-Patient / Out-Patient, with the most effective communication with patients & families across all touchpoints, smoothing the journey by making the 'touchpoints' easier for the patient and families to interact with hospital staff.

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