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In the light of the current outbreak of COVID 19 across Europe, we have prepared an option to accommodate those delegates who will not be allowed to travel. The situation might fully be under control by the time when the training is planned to run, however we want to make sure everyone will get the same chance to take part in this unique training course.

Are you going to be able to attend the course in-person? Fantastic! We are looking forward to meeting you. Will you not be allowed to travel or do you feel it is safer to enjoy this unique course from the luxury of your office or home via your laptop, tablet or mobile? We obviously understand the situation and offer you the opportunity to join us via the online live stream enabling the mutual interaction between you and the trainer.

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Meet the training leaders

  • Dr. Eilen Arctander Vik
  • Managing Director
  • Aquateam COWI AS, Norway
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  • Frøydis Kirsti Garshol
  • Microbiologist
  • Aquateam COWI AS
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Course description

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to provide a detailed overview of produced water handling mechanisms and methods for its diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in oil & gas drilling environments. Individuals attending this seminar will leave with the holistic understanding of water management, reservoir requirements and discharge water quality monitoring. Microbial, chemical, physical and environmental produced water challenges and techniques used for their mitigation in order to help reduce the operation and maintenance costs are discussed in detail. Water treatment techniques for challenging E&P sites such as mature fields, subsea satellites and enhanced oil and gas recovery sites are reviewed in depth.

Key topics

Produced water and injection water

Reservoir requirements

Discharge water quality monitoring

Oilfield microbial challenges

Scale and H2S prevention

Materials protection and corrosion mechanisms

Biofouling and emulsions

Enhanced oil and gas recovery challenges

Mature fields and subsea satellites produced water treatment

Produced water monitoring

Benefits of attending


  • How to reduce operation and maintenance costs by applying the most efficient produced water treatment techniques
  • How to improve produced water and injection water quality
  • How to eliminate environmental impact of produced water at offshore production sites by the produced water reinjection
  • How to keep sourgas and hydrogen sulfide production under control and mitigate the risk of corrosion


  • About injectivity and scale prevention in reservoirs
  • About the most efficient sampling and oil in water monitoring techniques
  • How to efficiently remove sulphate and bacteria from injection water
  • About emulsion formation, mitigation and prevention techniques


  • Holistic understanding of water management in offshore oil & gas production
  • Updates on latest environmental legislation and regulations
  • Tips on how to cope with complex oilfield microbial challenges
  • Knowledge on produced water treatment for mature fields and subsea satellites

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